Neri fork on fiverr and ebay!

You can get it here (Fiverr):


Here (ebay):

Fiverr route gets it to you the fastest.  ebay route goes out on CD.

New Arduino IDE Code

1.0.4 is out and so is 1.5 Beta of the IDE.

I will test them this weekend….


Neri Fork – NEW!

So I think that I am going to do something that will either bite me or make me. I am releasing a bare-bones version of the fATCat code called “Neri”. There will be no warranty, documentation, explanation, or support.  I … Continue reading

fATCat gear

I have a shop set up at CafePress, if you’d like to buy some gear.  I will get the logo fixed so it works with non-white objects.  Be patient.

 Sample FATCat Hoodie

A new rev of code is released. Back to the drawing board

So the Arduino people released version 1.0.3 of the IDE.

I am pleased to announce that all three forks run under 1.0.3 without a hitch.

The fATCat logo

A first attempt, but I think it works…….



All three forks are at 3.3 and are fully functional!

So I have all three forks running.


Rosso just monitors

Blanco monitors and controls

Azzurro monitors, controls, and reports.

Still deciding on a case for the fATCat.  I want something sleek, but rugged.

Rev 3.1 of the Blanco Code is complete

So now, I can monitor and control pit temps.

Rev 3.1 of the Azzurro Code is complete

I can now monitor and network the fATCat.  Now let’s add a web page.

Rev 3.1 of the Rosso Code is complete

I was able to break out the monitoring feature from the main code.  Success!